Oceanis 48

Oceanis 48

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With its attractive sleek silhouette and a deck plan optimized for long cruises, the Oceanis 48 is perfectly proportioned. Important options in terms of space organization and ergonomics distinguish her from others.  She urges you to set off on long cruises and experience very comfortable stopovers.

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Length Overall15,94 m52'4"
Hull Length 14,98 m49'2"
L.W.L.14,52 m47'8"
Hull Beam4,80 m15'9"
Light Displacement (EC)13 930 kg30 702 lbs
Deep Draught Keel (Cast Iron)2,30 m7'7"
Deep Ballast Weight3 396 kg7 485 lbs
Shallow Draught (Cast Iron)1,85 m6’1"
Shallow Ballast Weight3 604 kg7 943 lbs
Air Draught Mast 2 Cross Tree Levels21,35 m70'1"
Fuel Capacity (Standard)200 l53 us gal
Freshwater capacity (Standard)440 l116 us gal
Engine Power80 CV80 HP
Classic Mainsail (Optional)55,8 sq m600 sq ft
Genoa (105%) (Optional)61 sq m657 sq ft
Asymmetric Spinnaker180 sq m1 937 sq ft